Materials in Energy Conversion & Storage

Innovations in renewal and clean energy are very much essential to mankind’s sustainable growth. So, the research and development of new materials for energy conversion and storage are central to materials science and engineering nowadays. Some of the important materials include bandgap semiconductors, oxides, carbon-based nanostructures, advanced ceramics, chalcogenide nanostructures, and flexible organic electronics nanomaterials etc. Electrical energy is considered to be one of the most promising alternatives for replacing fossil fuel energy. Advanced materials are the key to both the high-efficiency conversion of clean and renewable energy into electrical energy and the high energy-density electrical storage. So, the focus is more on the progress of photovoltaics and electrolysis for high-efficiency energy conversion, as well as electrochemical processes for advanced energy storage. Much attention will be paid on achieving higher conversion efficiency, higher energy density, better safety, and lower cost.

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